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Medical Billing Companies Spill About Outsourcing Operations

  A recent survey of medical billing companies shows a positive outlook on revenue cycle outsourcing, with many seeing payment collection as an opportunity. By  Jacqueline LaPointe February 22, 2023  - Nearly two-thirds of medical billing companies have a rising positive outlook about the current state of the revenue cycle outsourcing industry, according to a recent  survey  from Tebra. The practice growth technology company recently surveyed 277 medical billing company owners, leaders, and team members serving independent practices and clinics in the US. The majority of respondents belonged to companies that serve less than ten practices and clinics. Medical billers are optimistic about the future of the industry despite increased competition, healthcare consolidation, and other unfavorable macro forces. About 43 percent—up from 27 percent in 2018—reported outsourcing of medical billing as a significant opportunity to leverage technology to optimize services, reduce repetitive tasks,


  There’s No Such Thing as a Casual Interaction With Your Doctor Anymore Many calls and messages now count as a “visit” that you could be charged for. By  Zoya Qureshi The pandemic initiated a slew of transformations, and though many have not stuck, one indisputably has: Telehealth is booming in America. This golden age of electronic engagement has one massive benefit—doctors are more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, this virtue is also proving to be telehealth’s biggest problem. For patients, being able to reach their doctors by video visit, phone call, or email is incredibly convenient, but physicians have been overwhelmed by the constant communication. This cost is now being shifted back to the patients, and almost every interaction with a doctor, no matter how casual, counts as some form of “visit” now.