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Staff Shadowing Negatively Affects Revenue Cycle Productivity

A new survey shows that staff shadowing preceding automation integration is disruptive to employees and has negative impacts on revenue cycle productivity. More than half of health systems found staff shadowing to be disruptive and to have negative effects on revenue cycle productivity, according to a national survey . The survey, commissioned by AKASA and conducted through the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Pulse Survey program, included answers from over 350 chief financial officers and revenue cycle leaders at health systems across the country. Of the health systems surveyed, 68 percent had experienced staff shadowing. Revenue cycle staff shadowing typically happens ahead of implementing automation or other technology tools in order for consultants to document workflows and processes, according to the press release. About one-fourth (23.6 percent) of health systems responded that shadowing only captured a limited number of workflows and the documentation was of

Physician Retention Challenges Worsen Amid COVID-19

  A survey shows that 70% of physicians are disengaging from their employers, spelling future physician retention trouble for healthcare organizations. Physician retention is a common challenge for healthcare organizations and the COVID-19 pandemic may have made it worse, according to survey results from Jackson Physician Search. A survey of 400 practicing physicians between October 2020 and November 2020 found that about 70 percent of physicians report being actively disengaged from their employers. The same survey also found that 54 percent of physicians are planning to make an employment change, with most of these physicians (50 percent) saying they are planning to leave their current employer for another. Another 36 percent of physicians planning an employment change said they are considering early retirement or leaving the practice of medicine altogether. Yet just 30 percent of the smaller pool of healthcare administrators surveyed—86 administrators total—reported losing physicia