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Improving Relationships With Your Patients

Patients today expect more from their physician experience than ever before. Communication and transparency are of utmost importance to many patients, but the more fundamental aspects of the relationship should not be ignored. Patients visit physicians in varying states of vulnerability. They are looking for someone to trust, especially when sharing personal details about their health, family and history. For physicians this means balancing the ever increasing demands of their work with the ability to form meaningful bonds with their patients. A strong physician/patient relationship makes for a positive patient experience and is essential to providing quality care. The more you can make patients feel at home, the more likely you are to earn their loyalty and referrals. There are a number of ways that medical practices can make patients feel welcome, trusting and nurtured.  Relationship Skills Positive, personal engagement with patients – by physicians as well as staff – is fundamental

Providers must furnish ‘good-faith’ price estimates to self-pay patients starting next year

Regulations that would require providers to also give good-faith estimates to health plans won’t take effect in 2022 as previously scheduled. A newly issued federal rule on surprise billing includes regulations designed to improve price transparency for self-pay patients starting in 2022. The interim final rule with comment period (IFC) requires providers to ask about a patient’s coverage status at the time a service is scheduled. If the patient does not have insurance, “a good-faith estimate” of expected charges for items and services must be provided — generally within three business days. The requirement also applies if the patient has insurance but does not intend to submit a claim. The rule states that the estimate must include “any items or services that are reasonably expected to be provided in conjunction with scheduled or requested items or services and such items or services reasonably expected to be so provided by another healthcare provider or healthcare facility” along wi