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Ohio Medicaid Enrollment update

Ohio Medicaid is 15 days away from activating their new enrollment system from old MITS.  Only time will tell if it is as advertised in being more efficient as a one stop shop for credentialing vs going through each MCOs process.

How Much are You REALLY Paying for In-House Medical Billing?

Each new year introduces the latest challenges and complexities related to the healthcare industry. These challenges include MIPS, a switch from FFS to Value-Based Reimbursement, Meaningful Use, ACA, HIPAA, ACOs, ICD-10, PQRS, Bundled Payments, declining reimbursement rates, or increased patient payment responsibilities, to name a few. Because of these changes, many practices partner with an outsourced medical billing or revenue cycle management firm. In-house medical billing may seem like the path to save your practice money. But is it saving you money? It is essential to know how much in-house medical billing is costing you to see if you'd benefit from outsourcing your medical billing to save your practice time and money. Before choosing a medical billing and reimbursement path, skim this list to see your practice's costs: Salary and wages: Your total cost includes the salary and all additional annual monetary payments of individuals involved in the billing and reimbursement